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LAND: An exhibition spanning from Jacksonville to LA by

November 2013 – The Los Angeles Nomadic Division’s Manifest Destiny Billboard Project consists of 10 artists, 10 chapters and begins with 10 billboards in the greater Jacksonville area (unveiled last month), progressing over 2,000 miles along Interstate-10.  Roadside quotes by artist Gertrude Stein combine with gas station libraries.  Photographic images of lush vegetables are soon to loom above the Mojave’s desert landscape.  The project represents America’s expansion, east to west, across North America.  The final 10 billboards will be revealed in and around Los Angeles in Spring 2015.

Portland Points of Interest by

January 2013 – A great way to gain a basic familiarity with an unfamiliar location is to simply head outdoors for a walk; and Portland boasts an impressive array of public art, architecture and thoughtful city planning. The perfect web based guide to Portland’s 20+ block, art-lined Transit Mall is available on line: www.travelportland.com/things-to-see-and-do/the-arts/images/guide-to-portlands-public-art. Weather permitting, another outdoor must see is Portland Japanese Gardens; if strolling solo is preferred to engaging in a tour, be sure to visit the gardens’ website for a primer on what you’ll see as well as traditional Japanese garden elements.

When it’s time to head indoors, The Portland Art Museum offers an always impressive permanent collection including some Impressionist masters. Assuming hotel accommodations are required, the Nines offers a great location, good food and an art collection to round out an atmosphere that’s a bit more creative than most.

Nearby wineries well worth a stop include Domaine Drouhin Vineyard and White Rose Estate. The historic and highly lauded wine country restaurant Joel Palmer House boasts what has to be one of the best mushroom tarts on the planet…reservations are recommended.

Culta Vitae (´kül-ta ´vē•tī)
1. A lifestyle enriched by continuing exploration and appreciation of the fine arts and humanities.
2. Personal enhancement and gratification achieved through intellectual, creative and aesthetic cultivation.
Latin, lit. "cultivated mode of life."