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The Great Gatsby by

June 2013 – For those to whom the great Mr. Fitzgerald speaks, the great Mr. Luhrmann has directed a movie.   The latest film version of Gatsby diverges from the original narrative, but does so brilliantly.  The director takes the viewer on an intoxicating ride which is the great American tragedy, well disguised by extreme wealth and lavish parties.  After all, Gatsby never expects his fall. full story

Cover of Tenth of December by George Saunders

Tenth of December by George Saunders by

March 2013 – This frequently dark, sometimes funny (also ironic and sometimes beautiful) compilation of short stories by George Saunders so expertly describes the minds ramblings and tangents. A 13 year old girl muses, “Pour quantity of Cheez Doodles into compartmentalized old-school Tupperware dealie… Shake Tupperware dealie back and forth like panning for gold, then offer to some imaginary poor gathered round.” A father, clearly frustrated by the wealth and decadence of his daughter’s friend’s family broods, “…sat on special star-watching platform as stars came out. Our kids sat watching stars fascinated, as if no stars in our neighborhood. What, I said, no stars in our neighborhood? No response. From anyone. Actually, stars there did seems brighter.” Separate stories seem somehow related; recognizing each participant as an often ill informed member of the human family. full story

Culta Vitae (´kül-ta ´vē•tī)
1. A lifestyle enriched by continuing exploration and appreciation of the fine arts and humanities.
2. Personal enhancement and gratification achieved through intellectual, creative and aesthetic cultivation.
Latin, lit. "cultivated mode of life."