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Music & Performance

Electronica Coachella Style by

October 2012 – We made it from Florida abode to Indian Wells, in the great state of California, in just less than 12 hours (detours in Colton and Redlands to find and purchase 2 bottles of Laphroiag and a single bottle of Rangpur, with tonic and fresh limes). Calder Calhoun Wilson, photo-journalist, and his father, on a mission of music. The boy had arranged it all, the all-access passes, the tent by Safari, the premium ticket, all, of course, at my expense. We parked the car off entrance 12B and were taken to Tent 58, amongst 100 full story

Culta Vitae (´kül-ta ´vē•tī)
1. A lifestyle enriched by continuing exploration and appreciation of the fine arts and humanities.
2. Personal enhancement and gratification achieved through intellectual, creative and aesthetic cultivation.
Latin, lit. "cultivated mode of life."