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{Can't Live Without}

Kevn Kinney

Musician and songwriter Kevn Kinney on a few of his favorite things…

art & design

“I don’t really have one favorite (artist). What I like reflects what I’m feeling that day; degenerate art…folk art. I make my art by copy, it must be heartbreaking for an artist to have to part with his or her original.”

books & film

“My first favorite book was The Hobbit. It translates to my life; I’m the reluctant burglar and magicians come to my door expecting me to go on a quest when I really want to stay home and make coffee. The second most important book for me is Kerouac’s On the Road. I also like The Professor and the Madman and beatnik poetry. My favorite movies? African Queen, Marty, Jailhouse Rock, Missouri Breaks with Brando, The Godfather, Jaws as a kid, The Mystery of Picasso, Safety Not Guaranteed…a good date movie”

music & performance

“I listen to five to ten new bands per week. Like art, music has to feel authentic. New Yorkers singing about the mountains? Punk I like, Dino’s Boys. Recent faves: Tim Easton and Stonerider.”

food & spirits

“Barbeque stuffed jalapeno poppers from Fox Brothers in Atlanta. I also like good Vietnamese food. Spirit: rye whiskey.”

Drivin n Cryin’s next release, Songs For the Turntable is scheduled for early 2014 by Atlanta based Blank Records.