{Share} Volume 8

{Can't Live Without}

Adam Justice


Joseph Mallord William Turner



Art destination

In a dim lit gallery, eighteen inches from any painting by Mark Rothko or Clyfford Still.

Art film

“Painters Painting”

Art experience

As a college senior, immersed in and enamored by art history, I had the opportunity to meet Ibram Lassaw. Lassaw, who died a year later, was the last surviving Abstract Expressionist. He was regarded as one of the most important contributors to early American modern sculpture.

Dining experience

Penny Lane: an authentic British pub nestled just blocks away from the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. Exposed wooden beams adorned with coats of arms. Rugby on the tele, The Who on the radio, Cottage Pie on the plate, and Old Speckled Hen on tap. It’s an interruption in Richmond’s southern heritage.