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Sculptor Jane Jaskevich by

November 2013 – Atlanta based sculptor Jane Jaskevich is a direct carver; her work evolving from one stage to the next. She’s influenced by Picasso, Brancusi and the artist down the street. Jaskevich explains, “I read a lot of artist bios about the struggle to create and be true to yourself and it hits a chord in my creative self.”

Recent works are composed of a combination of materials. Additionally, Jaskevich finds herself experimenting with a combination of flat silhouette and rounded sculpture. “There has always been the important concept of sculpture being in the round…interesting on all sides. As an artist one wants to push that concept to the limit…”

Jane began her career in the late seventies after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Georgia and her Master of Art Education from Florida State University. Her work is shown in galleries, museums and corporate collections around the U.S. She’s included in the recently published Contemporary Sculptors: 84 International Artists by Kracun and McFadden. For more about Jane Jaskevich: jaskevich@mindspring.com or atlantasculpture.com