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October 2012 – At a time when so much can be accomplished digitally, it’s refreshing to encounter the photography of Scott Rhea. He, his subjects and props are submerged in tanks or pools, creating a silent, slow moving world, which so obviously contrasts with the harsh reality of everyday life. Indeed, much of Rhea’s inspiration comes from his dreams. The printed result is, simply, ethereal.

Rhea grew up in Louisiana, lives in Telluride, CO and works mostly in LA. He discovered photography in the eighth grade as the result of a family member owning a camera shop. He is mostly self-taught. Scott’s work has been featured in Marie Claire, Latin Bazaar and American Photo magazines; full story

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Culta Vitae (´kül-ta ´vē•tī)
1. A lifestyle enriched by continuing exploration and appreciation of the fine arts and humanities.
2. Personal enhancement and gratification achieved through intellectual, creative and aesthetic cultivation.
Latin, lit. "cultivated mode of life."